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Подробности об этом Гамма-ундекалактон, мы обеспечиваем высокое качество Гамма-ундекалактон, а также низкая цена Химические добавки питания, вы можете найти больше Химические добавки питания в этом Пищевые добавки. Другое название: 4-ундеканолид, гамма-Ундекалактон, gamma-Undecalactone, Aldehyde-C14 (so called), Peach aldehyde, персиковый альдегид. (S)-Gamma-Undecalactone. Add to quote. Aldehyde C-14 (gamma-undecalactone) peach aldehyde, gamma-undecalactone, aldehyde C14. Cas 104-67-6 EINECS 203-225-4 FEMA 3091. 454 gamma-UNDECALACTONE (ALDEHYDE C-14) 97.0, FCC, Kosher. SDS. Blends well with isoeugenyl acetate, dimethyl benzyl carbinol, cocodescol, madescol and gamma nonalactone. Сопутствующие товары: delta-Undecalactone, gamma-Undecalactone, gamma- UndecalactoneСледующие компании не являются поставщики gamma-Undecalactone, natural . Этот компаний поставщиков продуктов равных с тем же номером CAS. Lactone undergoes the reactions of hydrolysis, reduction, aminolysis, michael reaction. Odor description of gamma-Undecalactone: fruity, creamy, peach creamy ketonic coconut. Search for " gamma undecalactone".

Deprecated: mysqlpconnect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 9. About GAMMA-UNDECALACTONE: Gamma-Undecalactone is a heterocyclic compound. Function(s): Fragrance Ingredient MASKING PERFUMING SOLVENT. Chemicals Business Directory << Chemical Additives, Auxiliary << Gamma Undecalactone. Gamma Undecalactone. Смотреть что такое "undecalactone" в других словарях: Gamma-Lactone — Les gamma lactones (ainsi que les delta lactones) sont des molcules organiques, faisant partie des armes de nombreux produits naturels. Sommaire 1 Gamma Valroactone 2 Gamma Hexalactone 3 gamma Product Details of Gamma Undecalactone. Acme Synthetic Chemicals manufactures Arachidic Acid. Gamma-Undecalactone is the heterocyclic compound that conforms to the formula: C 11 H 20 O 2.Technical Names. Gamma-Undecalactone (INCI). -Heptylbutyrolactone. 5-Heptyldihydro-2(3H)-Furanone. Les gamma-lactones (ainsi que les delta-lactones) sont des molcules organiques, faisant partie des armes de nombreux produits naturels. La gamma-butyrolactone est un arme prsent dans le Beurre.

La gamma-valrolactone est un arme prsent dans le cacao, le caf, le miel, la pche GAMMA-UNDECALACTONE. GAMMA-UNDECALACTONE. Опасность. GAMMA-UNDECALACTONE косметические свойства применение в косметике. Традиционное название.GAMMA-UNDECALACTONE. Компонент принадлежит к категориям: Новые компоненты. Gamma Decalactone.Гамма-ундекалактон (4-Ундеканолид). Gamma Undecalactone. Gamma-heptyl-gamma-butyrolactone gamma-undecalactone g-n-heptylbutyrolactone g-undecalactone FEMA 3091 aldehyde C-14 4,5-DIHYDRO-5-HEPTYL-2(3H)-furanone 4-UNDECANOLIDE. Description. Chemical name: gamma-Undecalactone Synonyms: Info : CAS Number: [104-67-6] Family: ORGANICS SUB-FAMILY: Lactone Molecular Weight Delivery Lead Time. 20 days. Relative Products Of Gamma Undecalactone. Terpineol (BP). The data detailed above are for information only and refer to a typical batch of gamma - undecalactone and do not form part of any product specification, contractual obligation or order. Aldehyde C14, gamma-Undecalactone : Aldehyde C14 gamma-Undecalactone : Undecalactone, gamma- : gamma-Undecalactone : Undecanoic acid, 4-hydroxy-, lactone : Aldehyde C-14 so-called : Abriceine : Peach aldehyde : Peche pure : Persicol PerfumersWorld Gamma-Undecalactone Frapps Pharma is the professional international supplier for various fine chemicals,API, pharmaceutical intermediates and strong at custom synthesis. Undecalactone gamma natural. << Previous in C- Fruity Aromas.Peach aldehyde, gamma- undecalactone, aldehyde c14. Waxy peach and apricot odor Appearance: colorless to pale yellow clear oily liquid (est). Next product. gamma - Undecalactone - d4. 0.15 USD. Aldehyde C-14 Gamma Undecalactone is sweet fruity peach fruity floral heavy-fruity-florals apricot mango apple. Image Result For Gamma Undecalactone Aldehyde C So Called. Functional use s cosmetic, flavor and fragrance agents. Gamma-Undecalactone (Peach aldehyde, Aldehyde C-14). Product Name: Gamma- UndecalactoneALDEHYDE C-14 Molecular Formula : C11H20O2184.28. Gamma undecalactone natural 1008. Menu. UNDECALACTONE GAMMA. Synonyms: Peach Aldehyde, Aldehyde C-14. Гамма-undecalactoneАЛЬДЕГИД C-14.Модель : Gamma-Butyrolacto Минимальный Заказ : 500. Бесцветная прозрачная жидкость, имеет жидкость подобного запаха ацетона масло Введение в гамма ундекалактон ванилина позволяет усилить аромат сладко-сливочной ноты и сделать вкус более насыщенным. Применяют в составе парфюмерных композиций, как отдушку в мыловарении, как сырье для получения дигидрожасмона. Product name: Gamma-Undecalactone Synonyms:DODECANYL-LACTONEGAMMA-LAUROLACTONEGAMMA-DODECALACTONE CAS: 2305-05-7 EINECS:218-971-6 Molecular formula: C12H22O2 Purity: 98 min Appearance:Colourless oily liquid Usage: Daily Natural Gamma Undecalactone. Product description. Bell Flavors Fragrances offers a wide variety of products which includes natural gamma undecalactone. Contact us for more information. NAT.gamma undecalactone. Product name. NAT.gamma undecalactone. Synonym. NAT.aldehyde C14. GAMMA-UNDECALACTONE, NATURAL Chemical Properties,Uses,ProductionGAMMA-UNDECALACTONE, NATURAL Preparation Products And Raw materialsRaw materials Gamma-Undecalactone - Physico-chemical Properties. Molecular Formula.Gamma-Undecalactone - Risk and Safety. Hazard Symbols. Xi - Irritant. Адрес: Kangyuan Mansion, No.215, Jinzhai Road, Shushan, Hefei, Anhui, China (Mainland) Zip: 230022. Телефон: 86-551-3634103. . Product Name: Gamma UndecalactonePlace of Origin: ChinaWe have the following products to supply:1) Gamma undecalactone2) Gamma nonalactone3) See also gamma-Decalactone, gamma-Dodecalactone, Nectarate and Nectaryl, for alternative peach-notes. Arctander has quite a bit to say about gamma-Undecalactone, including: This material is widely used, although in minute amounts, in perfume compositions.

Definition Gamma-Undecalactone contains not less.Feeding 13-115 mg per animal of gamma-undecalactone to rats for 5-9 days was said to produce fatty infiltration of liver parenchymal cells (Shillinger, 1950). Gamma Undecalactone Specifications. Gamma Undecalactone Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Cas number 104676 FEMA number 3091 chemical name gamma undecalactone appearance colour odour density 20C refractive index 20C purity flashpoint (C) acid value solubility. GAMMA DECALACTONE. 2360. DELTA DODECALACTONE. 2401.GAMMA UNDECALACTONE. [GAMMA UNDECALACTONE]MSDSplus. 1. Enter your companys name. Gamma Undecalactone. Supplier / Manufacturer : Anhui Anp Import Export Co Ltd. Added since : 2010-05-14 Product Categories Gamma Undecalactone Trade Shipment Terms. gamma undecalactone. gamma undecalactone aldehyde C-14. References. DMA Code. chemBlink provides more information about CAS 57084-17-0, gamma- Undecalactone (molecular formula: C11H20O2).gamma-Undecalactone [57084-17-0]. Suppliers. Gamma Undecalactone (Aldehyde C14 so called). Fatty, coconut, creamy, vanilla, nutty, macadamia and peach. It is applicable to the odor types of Osmanthus, Reseda, Jasmine, gardenia etc. gamma-Undecalactone C11H20O2 : Extrasynthese, 30 years of expertise in ORGANICS Lactone reference materials and standards.gamma-Undecalactone. Identification. Code 3298 S. English term or phrase: Gamma-Undecalactone. Mi dispiace molto, ma non ho assolutamente alcun contesto, solo un elenco. Qualcuno riesce ad aiutarmi lo stesso?

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